DSH Customer Build: Awesome vintage inspired K-Drum Kit w/ video

K-DRUMS 26,14,16,20 6.5x14 005 K-DRUMS BSF 26,14,16,20 och 6,5x14 043
Swedish DSH customer Niklas Kilenstam crafts his K-Drums in the style and specs of vintage kits. Here a nice example crafted using Drummaker.com parts 9×14, 16×16, 18×20, 14×26 and 6.5×14
K-DRUMS K-DRUMS BSF 26,14,16,20 och 6,5x14 033
Toms are 6-ply with 6-ply re-rings. Bass drum is 8-ply with 8-ply re-rings (usually he uses 6ply rings). Snare is 1-ply with 1-ply re-rings. DSH Black Satin Flame Wrap.
Niklas Kilenstam K-Drums in the studio
Vintage 1968 Slingerland Tom Mount. New Beavertails lugs all around and Beavertails Brackets for Floor Toms legs and Cymbal mount. These are the drums you hear on "Pack Up Your Memories!" by Swedish Mod-Rockers- The Men. Check out this kit and the Man himself in this very nicely made video!

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