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6/5 stars!

Oct 21, 2015  by:  Scott Gillis

There was a mix-up with my online order, but once I contacted Andy through the website, he responded immediately and sent me the parts I needed right away. I can't thank him enough. I'm giving Andy and 6 out of 5 stars!

Die Cast for Noble Cooley

Sep 29, 2015  by:  JF

Got my heavy black hoop for my Noble Cooley snare drum. They referred me over to you guys. Very pleased to know where I can find my parts now!

Antique Marine Pearl

Sep 29, 2015  by:  Frank

I got my Antique Pearl Wrap on September 25. The product is excellent and all cuts are precise. The glue and additional items I ordered for the application are great. I was just disappointed with the time frame. My order went through on July 13 and I finally received the product September 25. My calls were all promptly dealt with, but I had to continually call to get results, I\'m sure this wasn\'t Andy\'s first international sale. I\'ve dealt with two other companies in this time frame and only had a few weeks wait for similar material. Service could be better.

Response: Frank, Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to know that you were very pleased with the wrap, glue, & tape that we provided. Also glad to know that our precise cutting and prompt replies for update were appreciated . Again, we offer apologies for the issues with USPS that delayed your delivery. That flammable glue was really not supposed to be shippable by air to your international location. After locating your frozen box with USPS, we did our best to quickly correct things with them and get your items split up for safe shipping. Then the USPS rejected the new box\'s customs papers, as they still included the (removed) glue in their listing and value. Very glad to know that, in the end, they finally completed your shipment safely and all was good. In the future, we will certainly avoid trying to ship that glue to international locations. Lesson learned : )

Tom Shell + Wood Hoops

Sep 19, 2015  by:  DS

Played the concert gig last night, and the 10X12 tom worked out even better than I'd hoped. Thanks for making sure it got to me on time! I appreciate your ready communication and concern for what was a relatively small item on your plate. All the Best!

Just placed my first order

Sep 07, 2015  by:  Chris Georgenes

So far so good. Placed my first order and love the selection of parts available from the website. I'm starting to build my own custom drums and love that DrumMaker exists. Thank you!

Wood Hoops

Aug 25, 2015  by:  MW

Thanks for jumping through “hoops” to get me my hoops. Amazed at how much the hoops change the sound of my snare! Took 4 different colors of stain and “custom” stain mixing plus 5 coats to get close to the color. Now the problem is, when I want new hoops for all of the drums, I will never match that color. LOL

First snare I'm truly happy with!

Jul 22, 2015  by:  JD

I just wanted to thank you guys for building me the first snare drum that I have ever been truly happy with. I ordered a 13x4, 6 ply shell with die-cast hoops. It's by FAR the tightest, flattest, driest sound (while still retaining punch and snare thickness) that I've ever heard. The shell/plies are clearly good quality and great craftsmanship. These 6 plies are thinner than any other 6 ply drums I've seen, and I think that's helped deepen my tone more than I could've hoped for. I will recommend you guys to everyone. Thank you!

Second experience

Jul 07, 2015  by:  Nikita Dyatlov

Hi everybody! This is my second feedback. My first experience was one year ago. I asked Andy to make a drum set for me 10,12,14,18" and snare 14". After building I understood one thing. I need more! So I ordered three tom toms extra 15,16,16". Now I have a large drum set. First problem is how to set it up! I have to buy a drum rack and attendant hardware. The second problem is to find the sound. How to tune them up. Earlier when I had a standard kit I didn't think about it. Every week I try to find my one sound. This is very difficult! The third problem is transportation. The fourth problem is how to play?? I have to practice and to learn my own exercises....and the fifth problem and the sixth and so on... I also understand that I need one more bass drum. But I can't understand the size this time. It is cool To have a huge drum set. But how to play this set?.. Sometimes I think it's impossible.
Shells are perfect! Looks nice, sound is great! Hope I can! is the best chance to make your own original set! Happy drum building to everyone!

Maple DIY Kit

Apr 14, 2015  by:  SP

I just wanted to thank you, again, for all that you did! I was so amazed...the kit actually arrived on my doorstep on Saturday! I was so excited and I am so grateful for your help. Because of what you guys did, I was able to finish the snare and send it off in time for the birthday. I will definitely be recommending your store to others!

Brass DIY Snare Kit

Apr 14, 2015  by:  DA

Well, I must say Andy this snare looks and sounds amazing! Keep an eye out because I may be purchasing a 10ply maple custom snare from you guys in the future 615-251-1146 1230 Fourth Ave North Nashville TN, 37208 USA 4.9 5.0 248 248 You guys are awesome. Deliveries came on time, and at one time, even earlier than expected! For me, things go smoothly with Drummaker using Paypal.
1230 Fourth Ave North NashvilleTN37208 USA 
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