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Quality, Wait Time, Selection, Customer Service, Environment, Other

Nov 19, 2014  by:  nl


Customer Service, Quality, Wait Time, Selection

Oct 31, 2014  by:  DB

Andy. Just great as usual. You can see your clips and tube lugs in action on Anton Fig's kit on the Letterman show. He's currently playing a 1920s 5x14 Black Beauty. He broke a few parts and you helped save the day. Thanx, Donn

12 x 20 kick

Oct 10, 2014  by:  N

So it sounds incredible, plays perfect and tunes up and down to crazy registers....... Needless to say y'all killed it, can't thank you enough!


Sep 25, 2014  by:  Ed

Andy delivered as promised...made order on Tuesday...package on Thursday...everything perfect....I use DrumMaker frequently and Andy always delivered...I would highly recommend this vendor for all your drum supply needs....Ed


Jul 28, 2014  by:  Yakov

Just perfect.

Thank you very much and big hello from Russia!


From Tokyo

Jul 10, 2014  by:  Takumi


Luggage has arrived from you.
I was impressed by your careful packing method.

I'll start rewrap work tommorow.

Thank you all!

Drum Device Equipment

Very neat 1st experience

May 15, 2014  by:  Paula

This review comes from South America. We ordered and purchased online a set of heads. It was easy and Andy was really helpfull during the process.
Thanks for everything

Custom drum set

May 13, 2014  by:  Nikita Dyatlov

Hello! My name is Nikita and I am from Russia! I learned about Drummaker corp.from the manual \"Drum building secrets.\" The author (B.Maroevich) recommended to purchase drum shells here. Thanks to Andy! He answered me and made great shells for my custom drum set.
I have a great idea to build my own set with two bass drums, 5 toms and 2 snares. This is a long term project. But now I decided to begin with standard set of 3 toms, bas and snare drum. Maple only! 6-ply with edges and ring provides a great warm sound, not loud. I think it’s ideal for acoustic, soft music. And I’m happy with it. Shells look beautiful. They are round, not oval!! Natural finish lies tightly. When I take these shells in my hands I can feel and hear its sound. This is very magical condition, just try natural maple shells, try to make your own drum and you\'ll understand the instrument inside. You can feel sound in your hands and you can hear the structure of the drum.
Special thank to the Craftsman! He is a great Specialist with capital letter!
Andy, please forgive me for my distrust!! I was wrong! No more negative. Hope to deal with you in future. I’m ready to wait patiently. More feedback soon! Good luck to everyone!

6.5 Brass DIY Snare Review

Apr 20, 2014  by:  Rich

It's truly beautiful and playing it last night was fantastic. I've only ever owned 5-inch shells. I've always wanted a 6.5, thinking it would provide more of a full-body difference. I came to realize some time ago that I'd never feel I could afford a 6.5 Black Beauty. 

Your DIY kits really struck me. Here was my answer to the itch for the 6.5, the brass shell and those tube lugs added the perfect look. So, you won me over with the perfect solution.

After last night's test drive, this has got to be my ultimate snare easily hands down, no question. It really is a beautiful instrument, and I was right about the added meaty body in the sound.  It's more ringy than my other 5's… therein lies part of its character & flavor. I'm cutting through four guys with amplifiers, and this beauty did it last night in magnificent style.  I was so into my comfort zone with this one right in front of me.

Yes, it was a wait until my turn came up in your workflow, but that's a small cost for the final results that now are so well worth it -- that's just how it is in the interest of tremendous quality custom work by you folks. And you do deliver for sure.

Thanks again so much for a great drum.  I couldn't be more thrilled with this snare.  And now, no more looking, looking, looking.

Drum Shells

Apr 19, 2014  by:  MS

I wanted to tell you guys that you really do an awesome job with these shells, this is real art.  I'm especially so impressed with the bass shell. I thought because of the size there might be some issues with it being slightly off, but nothing,  it's perfect.

Thank you. Because of you I can have my own custom drum set.
If any of my friends want to get on a project of building their own sets I will for sure direct them to you. 615-251-1146 1230 Fourth Ave North Nashville TN, 37208 USA 4.9 5.0 229 229 I just wanted to thank you, again, for all that you did! I was so amazed...the kit actually arrived on my doorstep on Saturday! I was so excited and I am so grateful for your help.
1230 Fourth Ave North NashvilleTN37208 USA 
 • 615-251-1146