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got my snare shell

Dec 02, 2013  by:  Mariusz

I just recently got my snare shell, and I must say
that this is a very very professionally done product. I'm so impressed
with the finish. It was worth waiting for a little bit longer. My
thing is to built my custom set and definitely I'm going to order all
my shells from you guys, so thank you very much for making a great

Shell Cut Down

Oct 24, 2013  by:  Kevin

I needed a HUGE kick drum cut down. @DrumMaker chopped it in a 4 DAY turnaround. Beautiful work. Thanks Andy!


Aug 08, 2013  by:  Jimmy

im jumping up and down im so happy wth the quality. it fit perfect the
im so happy you did a good job. youll really have a satisfiyed custermer awsome man.


Aug 08, 2013  by:  Mikel Patrick Avery

Always a pleasure working with you guys.....Big thank you to ANDY!!!

-Mikel Patrick Avery


Jul 12, 2013  by:  Nathan

Hey brother-- Got my hands on the shells-- they're KILLER! I actually have a buddy who is going to take some professional pics of the kit so I'll shoot them your way when everything aligns.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding-- you guys did some killer work and really went the extra mile. A couple of my drummer buddies are DROOLING over the kit right now!

Love the Layout Template

Jul 09, 2013  by:  Ben

Note of thanks for the templates on your website. Other sites want to charge $50 or more for this, and yours is perfect, as near as I can tell. I got the 24"X24" printed, laminated and mounted at FedEx/Kinkos today for $25. I have ordered from you many times in the past, and this gift will keep me coming back (although I keep coming back for the great prices and service as well!). Thanks again!


Jul 03, 2013  by:  Spencer

Was gonna call yesterday wondering when I should expect my order to be delivered. In my luck, as soon as I hung up, my package arrived. Hoops and spurs were finally here. I threw them on the floor tom, and now it's a tight little bass drum. The quality of the hoops and spurs were way better than what I thought.

I've already played a few gigs with the little kit, and plan to record with it. I need to get some pics up soon. This thing is a beast.

So just wanted to say thanks to you and everyone who helped.


May 29, 2013  by:  Will

Just wanted to Thank You for doing the extra work on the shell (hole drilling) Just got it put together and will be using on some jobs..
Take Care

Custom Ludwig Burgundy Sparkle Inlays

May 08, 2013  by:  BC

Thanks to Andy at Drum Maker..I got tied up and called a little late but he called me back after the store closed and I ordered up the inlays....great service.

Excellent Service

Apr 13, 2013  by:  Bob

Needed some parts for a drum project I'm doing. Found them at a very good price at
Ordered them and got them today, Excellent deal, Excellent quality, customer service by Andy was second to none. Communication was great. Can't say enough about this service. Thanks again !!!! 615-251-1146 1230 Fourth Ave North Nashville TN, 37208 USA 4.9 5.0 209 209 My tom shell is superbly crafted and will sound marvelous next to the other tubs in my rig. Many thanks to Andy and the crew for outstanding service, patience and follow through!
1230 Fourth Ave North NashvilleTN37208 USA 
 • 615-251-1146